Whether your dispute concerns a business matter, a personal matter or something a bit different, our disputes team is well practised in handling any claims.

Our team is made up of commercially minded individuals who will understand your motivations, concerns and they will work to bring your dispute to the speediest, simplest and most favourable conclusion.

We will always recognise that this is your claim, you are in the driving seat and your priorities will be front and foremost. We will not allow legal technicalities and distractions to get in the way of your settlement.

If we are unable to settle your claim through diplomatic negotiations then we can pursue your claim through the courts as gently or as aggressively as you demand. We will always have our eye on the goal and be driven by what you want to achieve.

Mostly these claims do not lend themselves to “no win – no fee” structures but where possible we will try to take on your case on such a basis and if we cannot then we will advise you on costs from the outset so there will be no surprises and so that you can make an informed and commercial decision as regards any action you wish to take.

We will discuss hourly rates and also fixed fee options in addition to any potential insurance funding or other available funding options.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat with one of the team.

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