What is a data breach:

A data breach is the unauthorised release of personal and confidential information to another party. The breach can be intentional or accidental. A few examples include credit card details, bank account information, health information, legal material, accounting information, personal information, trade or business information.

The implications of a data breach:

The implications of a data breach can be very significant. They may not even become apparent until months or even years after the breach. Often the breach will result in a financial loss of some sort, for example whereby bank accounts or credit cards are accessed or where an identity is cloned for the purposes of accessing finance.

Sometimes the breach can result in the release of very sensitive personal information that puts a party in danger if their address is leaked, often it causes stress due to the loss of a job or breakdown of a relationship. Occasionally the data breach can cause great embarrassment, anxiety and other hardships. The long term financial, physical and psychological effects of a data breach cannot be under-estimated,.

Types of Data Breach for which you may have a claim:

Your data has been lost by another organisation you trusted to keep it safe;
Your data has been hacked by an organisation you trusted to keep it secure;
Your solicitor, accountant or other business has lost, mis-placed or allowed a third party to access your data;
Somebody else has been sent your data without your permission;
Your data has been mis-used by someone and in a way that is not consistent with your original instructions;

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