Our housing disrepair specialist know just how important your home is. We believe passionately that nobody should live in sub-standard accommodation nor should you put up with neglectful landlords who do not carry out the necessary repairs.

Accordingly, our team of housing dis-repair specialist will not only fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation you deserve but they will also ensure that all of the necessary works will be carried out straight away for you.

Whether your landlord is private company, individual or a large Housing Association, we can take on your claim and force your landlord into action.

Common problems that landlords fail to remedy are:

  • Damp and mould which can be very dangerous to your health;
  • Faulty boilers leaving you without heating and hot running water to wash with;
  • Poor insulation which makes the home cold and draughty and also contributes to increased gas and electricity bills;
  • Out of date appliance or electrical fittings which also cause higher bills;

The list is endless but if you think you have a cause for complaint and to date the landlord has failed to act on it, then get in touch with us without delay and we can start the ball rolling by getting the repairs done, having the property assessed by one of experts and start your claim.

Please be advised that you cannot be evicted if you make a complaint or bring a claim against your landlord and your rent cannot be increased to pay for the repairs you require. 

Our housing disrepair specialists know that there is nothing and nowhere more important.

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