Motoring Offences | Taxi Drivers

Motoring offences are rarely “open and shut cases” and there is usually something a specialist road traffic / motoring solicitor can do to help you. You should never plead guilty to an allegation until you have sought the advice of a road traffic lawyer because no matter how clear the case against you may seem, the specialist motoring lawyer may be able to do something that helps you avoid the penalty points and/or fine and/or a driving ban. It is also common that the lawyer can help you avoid the conviction altogether.

It is not only the “serious offences” that can cause big problems, “driving without due care and attention” can carry up to 9 points, a disqualification and a fine of up to 2500. So don’t rely on advice from friends, call us and speak to an expert motoring offence solicitor now.

We cover all courts and police stations in England and Wales. We charge the same fee no matter where the case is and we can assist at all stages of the case, from receipt of a notice of intended prosecution through to full representation at court. We can also get involved at any stage whether you require us to attend with you at the police station for an interview or whether you wish to pursue an appeal to the European Courts.

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