A road traffic accident can be terrifying and can often leave those involved with psychological trauma in addition to any physical injuries as well as a whole host of practical problems. Our expert Injury claims lawyers are well aware of this and that is why their compassionate and gentle approach to how they deal with our clients is so widely regarded.

Our lawyers are all very knowledgeable and experienced to advise you upon the implications of any accident you may have been involved in. They can advise you on all aspects of the process including helping you get back on the road, whether that be through some form of counselling or by arranging a hire car while your car is repaired.

We will arrange for you to have the necessary medical assessments and ensure that you receive the fullest compensation in the quickest possible time. We will be available to speak to you throughout and answer any of your questions and address your concerns.

It is likely that we can take on your case on a “no win – no fee” basis which means that win or lose, you pay nothing.

Road traffic accidents can be complicated and it may be that you do not know who was at fault. So if you are not sure if the accident was your fault, do not rely upon the insurers, speak with one of our lawyers to find out for sure. Insurance companies want to settle cases quickly and with minimal costs so they do not bother to investigate who was at fault and the police do not always get it right either.

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