Bill Waddington’s 10 reasons to attend on the 19th


1) In the past we have always rolled over! Let’s not do it this time. Let’s do it differently. We always blame lack of unity. Come to Manchester to unite with other firms

2) We are all united in our opposition to cuts. Big, Medium and Small firms. On Wednesday we can come together on this single issue to commit to fighting these changes

3) CLSA and LCCSA have obtained encouraging advice about a potential judicial review against the MOJ proposals. If the two representative organisations are going to take this further we will need the support of the profession to bring such an action both in providing evidence for the claim and financially. We all stand to gain working together on this project. Come to Manchester to find out more.

4) Why should we work at reduced rates? Particularly if there are legal challenges to be made. Come to Manchester to discuss our strategy

5) What other protests are planned? Come to Manchester to hear of other plans.

6) Find out how we intend to continue to work with the bar and probation to save our Criminal Justice System.

7) We can use the current rules and regulations to demonstrate the consequences of these cuts to our justice system. Come to Manchester to find out how.

8) A good turnout of owners of Firms in Manchester will send a clear message of unity and determination to our profession, to our friends at the Bar and to the MOJ

9) If you do not come you cannot complain later.

10) David Moyes cannot get Manchester United, but we can.