Payout for Wythenshawe man after unlawful arrest

Howards Solicitors win Payout for Wythenshawe man after unlawful arrest

A Wythenshawe man has received £1150.00 compensation from Greater Manchester Police after Howards Solicitors established he had been unlawfully arrested.

On 7th October 2015, Mr Williams voluntarily attended Longsight Police station to assist Greater Manchester Police with an ongoing police investigation, however, despite his unwavering co-operation, he was arrested pursuant to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (Code G, 2.9(e): (Code G, 2.9(e) to allow the prompt and effective investigation of the offence or of the conduct of the person in question. Miss Nikki O’Hanlon of Howards Solicitors duly attended at the police station and immediately questioned the legitimacy of the arrest. The Police refused to alter their stance.

In due course and following Mr Williams’ release Gavyn Atkinson of Howards Solicitors brought an action against Greater Manchester Police on behalf of Mr Williams. Greater Manchester Police formally denied liability following which Mr Atkinson prepared and issued formal court proceeding on behalf of Mr. Williams. On 21st March 2016 following negotiations, Greater Manchester Police relented and agreed pay to Mr. Williams the sum of £1150.00.

Mr Atkinson stressed “whenever anybody is due to attend a Police Station for an interview under caution, even as a suspect, that person should obtain, at the earliest opportunity, legal representation…”. He added, “The Police must have reasonable grounds to make an arrest and if somebody is voluntarily attending a police station and co-operating, then the police could be acting unlawfully if they make an arrest in those circumstances.”

Howards Solicitors is a renowned criminal defence firm and has a specialist department dealing with actions against the police.

If you believe you may have been unlawfully arrested, please contact Mr Gavyn Atkinson at Howards Solicitors and for further information on representation for police interviews please get in touch.


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