Motoring law specialist warns: think very carefully before enhancing records to speed car sale

SPECIALIST motoring solicitor Oliver Gardner is warning that anyone even faintly considering altering mileage or garage records to think again after a first time offender narrowly avoided jail.

The case of Manchester car dealer Sebastien Jaziorko illustrates the gravity with which the law treats such offences.

The court found that Jaziorko had presented receipts for repairs on a car that never happened. In addition mileage was altered on two vehicles, including a VW Passat showing 79,800 miles had actually done 117,000.

Gardner managing partner of Howards Solicitors warns: “It might seem like a relatively minor offence, altering mileage or service books, compared to some motoring law offences, but penalties can be severe.”

Jaziorko was sentenced to 12 weeks, suspended for 18 months and 150 hours of unpaid work on four counts of fraud. He had no previous criminal record.

Gardner states: “The guilty party has been very lucky in not finding himself in prison, his remorse, having a young family and being a first time offender were taken into account.”

“It is important for motorists to realise that convictions can come back to haunt offenders, in some cases years later. Jobs, emigration, travel visas, renting can be greatly affected, even if the sentence is non-custodial.”

“Many motorists do not realise that many charges can be reasonably contested with a good chance of success. Offences such as fiddling records, even if no-one is in obvious physical danger, can result in harsh sentences if proved.”

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