Howards’ partners have considerable expertise as fraud solicitors.

Senior partners boast a wealth of experience handling Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) that involve issues such as VAT fraud, counterfeit goods and fraudulent importation.

Our two founding partners Oliver Gardner and Peter Eatherall have about 20 years worth of experience each in fraud cases. Both are well versed in both the magistrates’ and Crown courts, with Peter possessing the added distinction of attaining Higher Court Advocacy Rights. He is also one of a small and exclusive number of solicitors added by government body the Legal Services Commission to a panel of advocates recommended and authorised to deal with the most serious of criminal cases.

We are confident of being able to offer comprehensive legal advice and representation to clients in highly complex cases. Charges revolving around allegations that involve millions of pounds are well within our scope and expertise.

If you need to engage fraud lawyers, you will be given the services of a senior member of staff, usually at partner level, to ensure you are represented to the highest level possible.

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