Bez (Mark Berry from Happy Mondays) appeal statement – 22/10/2010

Peter Eatherall, Howards Solicitors:

I would like to read the following statement of my client Mark Berry (Bez)

“I am disappointed at the appeal result and have undertaken this appeal simply to clear my name – nothing more.

I felt that I had not given my side of the story as well as I should have last time.

I wanted to prove that the charges laid against me were completely false, which I still believe they are.

I can tell you honestly that there was no intention of doing any harm whatsoever.

I believe that people that know me – my fans, friends and especially my family – know the real me and that I am not an aggressive man by nature.

I would like to thank my family, friends, fans and legal team, Peter Eatherall and Charlotte Holland, for their fantastic support throughout this difficult time.

Thank you”