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We at Howards & Henry’s Solicitors understand that the breakdown of any relationship can be an extremely distressing time and we also understand the importance of choosing the right solicitor to represent your interests. 

Our approach is both practical and compassionate and our team is always on hand to provide you with sensible advice, support and assistance throughout the course of your matter whether this be a dispute about arrangements for children, involvement from children’s services, protection from domestic violence or marital/civil partnership/cohabitation issues.

Our Services

  1. Divorce
  2. Matrimonial
  3. Child Protection

We offer a wide range of services from initial advice to representing parties in difficult and emotive proceedings. We have two teams who specialise in different areas of family law and will provide you with up to date legal advice. The Matrimonial Team focus on all aspects of law relating to separation and relationship agreements and The Domestic Violence and Children’s Law Team focus on all aspects of law relating to those who have unfortunately experienced or are experiencing domestic violence and those who are in disputes about children.  

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