CLSA suggested pro forma letter to court for adjournments on day of Action

We act for the above client whose case is listed for trial/(other reason) on the above date.

We wish to apply to vacate this trial/hearing and relist it on a day other than 7th March and we ask that you list the matter for such an application to be made, unless you agree it can be dealt with administratively.

A training day has been organised for the profession by The Law Society. The subject matter of that training day is crucially important to us and to our colleagues and we must attend. The training will last all day. We have been unable to give a greater period of notice due to the dynamic nature of discussions between our professional body and the Ministry of Justice.

We very much regret any inconvenience caused but hope that this letter will allow sufficient time to manage the rescheduling of this case and minimise any inconvenience.

We appreciate that there may be Defendants appearing for the first time on7th March, both in custody and on bail. We anticipate that a Duty Solicitor will be at Court to assist those clients who do not already have representation.