A Call to Arms For Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Defence Lawyers Affected by Legal Aid Cuts As most of you will now be aware, yesterday the Government announced in parliament at exactly 1pm that they intend to press ahead with the Two Tier duty system which will see a speedy death for up to 75% of criminal defence firms and more pressing a…


SRA Consultation On Referral Fees

Oliver Gardner Of Howards & Henry’s Solicitors Manchester Explains The Issues Surrounding Referral Fees In The Legal Sector It strikes me that there are a number of issues: Firstly, there is the straight forward simple payment of what we all recognise as a referral fee: It is a payment, usually but not limited to, in…


Howards & Henry’s Solicitors launch online feedback system

Howards & Henry’s Solicitors Online Feedback System We are delighted to announce the full launch of our online feedback system. All clients are now encouraged to leave us feedback about the service they receive from either our Manchester or Macclesfield offices. Inspired by the wall full of ‘Thank You’ cards & letters in our reception,…